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Now there are more ways to listen to Triple M, the following is a guide to help you choose which one works best for you. 
  • Our tunein radio app and i-tunes buttons run a high quality stream of 128kbps each. They can be accessed on desktops & laptops plus mobile devices PROVIDING they are broadband or 4G! If your mobile device is standard / up to and including 4G, there's a provision to listen to Triple M on the Listen2MyRadio platform, which can also be used on desktops / laptops. Simply return to the home page and click on the far left button labelled with "64kbps AAC Stereo"


 Triple M cannot be held responsible for accidental "Listen Live" button selection or any consequences as a result.

Because Triple M is an internet broadcasting service and NOT a terrestrial radio station, we are not bound by the rules of the UK government-based license and regulatory body known as Ofcom. However, in a conscious effort to demonstrate and uphold professional standards, together with our commitment to the broadcasting of contemporary music in public by way of investment in licensing from the Performing Rights Society and Phonographic Performance Limited, Triple M has taken the decision to create awareness of it’s intentions as though it were an established and licensed terrestrial broadcaster.
Triple M is an internet broadcasting service which originates from, and is focused on,  the resort of Morecambe. The service is NOT  intended to be a “local radio service” for Morecambe as such. The resort is already well served by highly successful local media. The concept of Triple M is to promote Morecambe on the internet to the rest of the world with the kind of internet broadcasting service on offer. Triple M can be heard 24 hours a day at

News Bulletin Schedule
(all UK time)
Because Triple M is not-for-profit internet broadcasting service and NOT a terrestrial local radio station, there will be no such actual local news bulletins about Morecambe, however, Morecambe-related news, and information (not including advertising & sponsorship and depending on the nature of the content) shall be broadcast as either speech content during live programmes, during live and automated programmes, as promotional trailers and/or short programme packages during advertising breaks and on our social media channels. There will be world bulletins 24 hours a day of 3 minutes except Saturday between 17.00 and 06.00 the following Sunday, plus the following specifics...
30-second headlines:- 04.30 - 12.30 Monday to Thursday, 14.30 - 17.30 Monday to Thursday, 22.30 & 23.30 Monday to Thursday  &  17.00 - 23.00 (Friday only)
5-minute programmes at 05.00, 13.00 & 18, 00 Monday to Thursday plus 22.00 & 23.00 Sunday to Thursday
Our current news agency is Feature Story News

Programme Schedule

To see a copy of the latest Programme Schedule, please click here.


Despite Triple M’s “not-for-profit” status, maintenance updates to our output on such items involving a specific time, date and “shelf-life” will be carried out on a regular basis. This is due to the fact that Triple M is not designed and intended as a live & local radio service for Morecambe but as an online marketing platform to promote Morecambe with the ability to be heard anywhere in the world. Therefore,
the majority of Triple M’s programming output shall, except where outlined in the programme schedule, be fully automated 24 hours a day.


Triple M is a not-for-profit internet broadcasting service which will be run on a voluntary basis with help towards it’s running costs from advertising and sponsorship from any business in the world. Therefore, speech cannot be considered as a top priority, however, our programming shall still include…
·    Government-produced public service announcementsduring advertising breaks
·    Community announcements from members of the public whom shall strictly reside within the geographical area from which Triple M originates. These announcements shall be broadcast as Promotional Trailers (which shall be installed in 1st position of 1st advertising breaks every hour) or what is technically known as “Pre-Produced Audio Programmes Packages” 
· Pre-recorded syndicated world sports news twice weekly - details on the programme schedule
· A pre-recorded syndicated cinema feature twice weekly - details on the programme schedule
·  Pre-recorded religious snap-shots on a Sunday morning (UK time) - details on the programme schedule

Music Policy

***FOREWORD*** Due to Triple M's automated technology and volunteer availability, the following percentages will be subject to potential alteration during the final 10 minutes of each broadcasting hour subject to song length and any "under-running" such lengths may cause. ***(ENDS)***

Triple M will be a predominantly “grown-up” music-based internet broadcasting service (also catering for younger listeners on weekday & weekend evenings especially) concentrating on purely-natural elements of contemporary musicianship, song-writing ability and distinction with an intent to focus on values of recordings as opposed to, and as well as,  market/chart success in the UK (other countries may vary). This has been created with the following attributes
·    During Daytime Hours, at least 55% & no more than 82% of this music shall be aimed at what is known in the this industry as an AOR format (Album Orientated Rock/a style of popular music in which a hard and/or classic rock background is combined with softer or more melodic elements/classy pop) with a bias towards varied rock-edge/guitar minor (non-Top 10) hits and album tracks from the 1970s to the present day as well as areas of the blues, country, soul, and folk genres that cross over into the above style of contemporary music.
·    During Daytime Hours, the remaining 15% to 45%  of this music shall include the following as long as this percentage fits the main/promised 55%-82% degree of flexibility described above...

  1. other contemporary (non-rock &/or guitar based edge) genres to include an additional selection of minor (no Top 10) Pop, Jazz, Reggae & Country hits and album tracks from the 1970s to the present day (8%)
  2. No more than 31% of current chart music. In a commitment to this 31% operating within it’s main/promised 55%-82% degree of flexibility during Daytime Hours, Triple M’s majority selection of current chart music shall be mostly based on album sales & downloads. A further degree of flexibility within the 31% may be permitted to include representation of the Top 40 Singles Chart as long as this representation fits the main/promised 55%-82% degree of flexibility described above.
  3. Classic Top 10 Hits recorded between the 1970’s & the present day (8%). 
  4. Pop/non-rock singles which will have not become chart hits at all and some alternative rock album tracks (4%).
  5. A selection of Top 40 hits & album tracks recorded in the 1950's & 1960’s (8%) that shall include occasional tracks released in the very early 1970's which are now deemed suited to earlier years because of their sound and "shelf life". This percentage shall also include songs and artists from more modern eras for the same reason.
  6. Ballads which will account for no more than 8% of each Daytime Hour every hour with the exception of morning and afternoon peak times. This is designed to give Triple M’s music format an “up-tempo feel”
·    Outside Daytime Hours will be dedicated to specialist programming where additional eras and genres shall consist of…
1.    Big Band
2.    Swing
3.    Easy Listening
4.    Disco (commercial & underground)
5.    Funk (commercial & underground)
6.    Commercially based Rock & Pop Ballads
7.    Commercially based Contemporary R&B, Hip Hop & Rap
8.    Commercially based Contemporary Alternative & Independent (Indie) Rock or such guitar edge
9.    Contemporary Dance (Club/House orientated)
10.    World Rhythms
11.    Country
12.    Folk
13.    Stage & Soundtrack Music
14.    Reggae

During Daytime Hours on Triple M classed as follows
(Mon-Thurs 6am-11am/Midday-3pm/4pm-6pm/Midnight-5am)
(Fri 6am-11am/Midday-3pm/4pm-5pm/Midnight-6am)
(Sat 10am-5pm)
(Sun 10am-10pm/Midnight-5am)

Outside Daytime Hours on Triple M classed as follows
(11am & 3pm Mon-Fri)
(1pm Mon-Fri)
(6pm-7pm – Mon-Thurs)
(7pm-10pm – Mon-Thurs)
(10pm- Midnight Sun-Thurs)
(5am-6am Mon-Fri)
(5pm-Midnight Fri)
(5pm Sat-5am Sun)
(6am-10am Sun)

For further information about Triple M, please refer to our “Contact Us” page on this website
Station Contact Details
Station Manager/Producer:- Tony Simon
Joint Administrators:- Peter Quinn & Tony Peters
Chief Engineer:- Simon Bucknall
Non-Executive Directors:- Colin Lowther, Amy Elliot & Krystina Kellingley

Triple M
Suite 5
7 Marine Road West
From the UK…01524 406 157
From outside the UK…00 44 1524 406 157
PRS LICENCE NO.:- LE-0012597
PPL LICENSE NO.:- 214637

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